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The Space of Silence

Silent Space is located along the Gardon river in the South of France near the Pont du Gard , World Heritage site of Unesco.

We practice silent meditation in the natural reserve of the Gardon Canyon, rich with exceptional wildlife (eagles, vultures, beavers….) in prehistorical caves and ancient hermitages.

Silent Space is also a supportive environment for people who wish to engage in silence and the exploration of consciousness.

Venturing into nature in solitude is one of the oldest and most authentic forms of spiritual practice, and this reserve is one of our planet's most ancient geological sites.


If you want more details or are interested in coming for personal or group retreat, it is important to carfully read the informations given on the Individual Retreat page and our chart and before coming.

Espace de Silence Cabrières Gard France



Silent space was created 11 years ago to provide environmentally friendly living quarters in order to preserve the richness and fragility of our natural heritage.


It is a site chartered by The Green Key which is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation. We request every visitor to respect the terms of the charter which will be presented on your arrival.



You can stay in our 56 square yard yourte, or a tipi 26 feet in diameter,
or a 861 square feet dojo. We give priority to small  groups
or single individuals in order to enjoy  the peacefulness of the surrounding.

For futher information and photos consult:

Guest houses are available in the surrounding villages at your request if you book early.




Option 1: Kitchen  available to prepare your own dishes.

Option 2: For a minimum of 5 retreatants there is the possibility
of vegetarian, vegan or raw food following Ann Wigmore’s teachings.

Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France
Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France
Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France
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