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Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France



Human being today has cut himself off Nature’s energy because of his frenzied lifestyle. He has atrophied his senses and therefore his vital energy. All ancient traditions are based upon the forces that rule the whole universe.


Our role is to guide you into the observation, contemplation and sensory immersion in Nature to recover equanimity, the joy of being fully alive, and  a symbiotic tie with Nature : cycles of the seasons, cycles of life…

Caves are exceptional shelters to live this experience far from the restlessness of the world.

All masters of wisdom have always drawn their inspiration from retreats in hermitages, deserts, mountain tops and other natural landscape.


Simplification is the way. One finds the greatest wealth in unencumbered life. Silence allows us to listen to the universe’s pulse which vibrates constantly in us ; and in this listening we humbly kneel thankful that something in alive in us. When we respond present to the call of reality, we discover this internal world with wonder.

Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France
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