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Individual silent retreat

 "The rare privilege of a human body has been given to you for the sole purpose of following a discipline to realize your Divinity."
(Mâ Ananda Moyî)

For who ?

If you have felt the need for some time to settle down
if you feel tired, stressed by the speed of life
if you have an important decision to make

if you feel in you an aspiration, a call
  that little voice  who talks to you and asks you to take time for yourself

Why ?

A silent retreat is not about cutting yourself off from the world or from others, it is above all about being with yourself in order to be able to feel better with others and with what you are going through.

A silent retirement has many benefits:
- first of all a very significant reduction in stress.
- remaining in silence for several days reduces the stress on the nervous system and therefore the production of intrusive thoughts.
- little by little, mental peace and greater clarity of mind set in.
- we rediscover our resources and capacities to better manage situations that previously caused us stress, anxiety, anger, depression ...
- we regain confidence in ourselves: by rediscovering capacities that we had and which seemed to have disappeared or
  be altered by the trials of life.

"This blessed state - is it a past state from which we have fallen, or is it a promise before us? Neither. This state has always existed within us, it exists now and there are some. The same will be true in the future. He's always with us, simply because that's who we really are. " (P. Brunton)

In Silence and Nature

Interested people come to our retreats to benefit from a resourcing thanks to the framework offered by:
- Silence and Nature
- personalized support developed after a telephone interview on your motivation and expectations

  “Seek the divine within you, return to it every day, learn to abide there, and finally be that divine. "

Yoga, meditation, walking

Ideal conditions are offered to you: the steps in the  surrounding nature, rest, meditation, yoga will allow you to reconnect with your essence of life and to be more easily attentive to your needs.

  "Ignorance of Reality is to take the impermanent, the impure, the unhappiness, which is not the Self, for the permanent, the pure, the happiness, the Self." (Yoga-Sutras)

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