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Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France


Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France

Whole day

Trekking and meditation in surrounding caves and hermitages. We end with a guided  relaxation or yoga nidra, and a time for silence, meditation and closure.
One Wednesday  per month throughout the year from 10 am to 5 pm weather permitting

Price: 25 euros

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​  Residential retreats


YATRA  5 days Meditation, Detox, Hiking, Yoga

5 days :  2021: September 24/29

          2022: May 16/21  04/09 July 19/24 September

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Introduction and initiation to meditation 2 days in a group
These stays are offered for people who wish to discover and learn about the practice of mindfulness meditation and also to solitary practitioners who feel the need to meditate in a group.  An individual retreat can follow this program.

Prices: 75 euros / day or 100 euros / 2 days

(accommodation included, heating supplement in winter)

2021:  11/12 September 09/10 October 13/14 November 11/12 December

2022: 15/16 January 12/13 February 12/13 March 09/10 April  May 14/15 June 11/12

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5-Day Guided Group Silent Retreat

2021: July 10/15  21/26 August  22/27 November

2022: February 19/24  25/30 April  July 18/23  22/27 August               

Reserved for people with a sustained practice

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Individual retreats
Following the wish of some meditators to go further in the practices of mindfulness, we offer individual retreats all year round (except the months of July and August). The program is mainly based on the practices developed

in the MBSR program but can be deepened according to the aspiration of each one.

See the Individual Retreat page


Yoga Ayurveda Hiking Meditation

2021: 24/27 0 October

2022: 05/08 May  24/27 October

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Our programs are offered throughout the year:

For winter retreats, the site being in energy autonomy (photovoltaic and solar water heater) the conditions of comfort are linked to the weather conditions!

It is therefore exclusively reserved for people  seasoned under the conditions  Spartans or people who want to develop their internal energy and adaptability.

Between May and October the conditions are mild.

=> For a registration to a  program use this form to download

We will be delighted to welcome you all year round whatever the weather knowing that you are informed of our happy sobriety process where we learn to deprive ourselves to keep only the essentials.

Wealth is not measured by the things we have, but by those we know how to do without.

We remain at your disposal for more information on our programs.


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