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Espace du Silence Cabrières Gard France


A formidable inner adventure, rejuvenating and liberating, in the heart of a magnificent and unspoiled nature. A big thank you to Anne and Myriam for their kindness and the depth of the practices offered, not to mention Sélima for her delicious dishes.

Marie Agnes

It is a great journey that I made in 5 days through time in a landscape without human traces in the Gorges du Gardon, inside the earth in a cave, through cultures, from yoga to Sufi dance, but above all through my body, through my story, through my emotions… Very intense…

I will go back there…. Thank you to the two magicians….

Sylvie A.

I signed up for the Yatra detox course like we challenge ourselves!
Cap or not cap not to eat solid for 3 days?
And also to find space and time for me ...
Yoga, meditation and hiking were a good diversion from the hunger I thought I felt, but instead of the hunger, it was a procession of emotions that presented itself to me: strong, intense, deep emotions, sweet and rich emotions ...
I experienced this inner journey as one opens a trunk full of gifts. I was amazed by the place, the surprises of all kinds, the great kindness of Myriam and Anne, the program, Selima's meals ...
(Yes yes! When they return, the meals are a delight for the palate as is a virtuoso symphony for the ear!)
And at the end ... at the end, I have a greater inner peace, the certainty that each being here below has a beautiful power within him to move forward and taste life, one step after another, in conscience, slowly, deliciously, and as far as I'm concerned, in the preciousness of my sacred feminine.
A few days before returning, I remain touched by this experience and by the beauty of Anne and Myriam's soul which allow us to surrender with confidence to what we authentically are.

Thanks again to both of you!
My heart rejoices at the memory of this beautiful experience.

Julie G.

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